Ahad, 11 Mac 2012

memories is still inside .

everyone have their own sweet memories aite ? well me also have . one of my memories is a boy named S.A . he is the boy that i ever love before . we were together almost 2 years tapi kiteorg break sbb salah saya .'PLEASE FORGIVE ME' you will forever in my heart . thankyou for being my perfect boyfriend ever .

ingat tak time kite main surat surat dulu ? omomo ,omeyy sangatttt . ehem time tu orang lain main text kite zaman batu main balas surat plak , haha , gmbar you , barang yg you bagi still i simpan smpai sekarang :'> you are the greatest memories in whole life .

cuma satu je i nak cakap , who ever your girlfriend now i want her to know that she the luckiest girl because having you by her side .

assalamualaikum <3

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